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Did Buhari promise to make Nigeria ungovernable?

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    In 2010, as reported by various sections of the media, Lawal Keita, a PDP chieftain stated that if a person from the North did not win the 2011 elections, Nigeria will be made ungovernable .

    Below are links to that effect as reported by the press when that statement was made.

    In April 2011, Reuben Abati slandered Buhari in The Guardian about same statements of making Nigeria ungovernable. Buhari sued Abati to court in 2011 for damaging his name. President Jonathan begged Buhari on behalf of Abati to settle out of court because Abati might end up in jail. On 11 July 2013 Rueben Abati and The Guardian published an unreserved apology to Buhari.

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